PANTONE Marsala: Color of the Year 2015

Marsala design board

PANTONE revealed Marsala as the Color of the Year for 2015. Ever since the release, I’ve been hearing negative and positive feedback about the selection. At first I thought it looked dated, very 70s or 80s style (this tended to be the negative feedback), or that it looks like organs. Yuck.

Don’t do this! It’s too much, too busy, too out of style.

Everyone knows color and fashion trends go around and around, resurfacing every decade or so. Yes, if you paint Marsala on a wall with a matte finish, it’s going to look dated. If you buy a lamp base (in Marsala) but use an old lampshade from your grandmother’s antiques stash, it’s going to look, well OLD. The trick is to find ways to keep it modern looking.

Feminine Marsala
Design with a young and fun girl in mind. Marsala can be playful too!

– Use it with metallic accents
– Include texture
– In furniture, find items with clean lines
– Combine with other colors of similar saturation
– Find it on unusual items
– Used in striking ways

Dark & Brooding Marsala

Anyone interested in receiving their own design board for a redesign in their home? For Interior Design help in real life (if you live locally in North Carolina) or virtually no matter where you live, check out our website to see how we can work together!


4 thoughts on “PANTONE Marsala: Color of the Year 2015

  1. Exactly! I couldn’t believe someone posted meat organs in comparison to this color – that really shows lack of imagination. Keep it with new hues and give this “old” color new life. It’s all up to the Designer. Looks great! Happy new year 🙂

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