6 easy His & Hers Valentine home decor ideas

If you’re one of those people that loves doing mini redesigns in your home during any given holiday, I have some ideas for you to try in preparation for Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t have to be a totally pink and frilly explosion, it can be done in a way that’s even live-able AFTER the holiday has passed. It also doesn’t have to break the bank.

It’s good to keep in mind, if there’s a man in your life and in your home, you don’t want to torture his poor little eyes with frou frou overload. The idea is to create a warm and sultry home that he can be comfortable in as well.

 6 easy his & hers Valentine decor ideas

Quick and easy ways to incorporate a dose of Valentine’s Day into your home:

1) Abstract art that has sensual, feminine lines

2) A modern light fixture that provides low ambient lighting

3) Soft fluffy throws to encourage snuggling

4) A succulent plant – they’re nice to take care of together. They’re harder to kill (great for those of us with black thumbs)

5) Pillows with cute sayings on them

6) A nice fireplace (bonus for having beautiful tile surrounding it)

Comment below with your ideas on how you’ve decorated your space for Valentine’s Day or stop by our Facebook page to let us know! For Interior Design help in real life if you live locally in North Carolina or virtually no matter where you live, check out our website to see how we can work together!


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