Interior Design niche: kid’s rooms

It’s time for me to be real for a second. I’ve been struggling with finding my niche in the Interior Design field. I love all rooms in the house of course, but I absolutely love the creativity that is possible with kid’s rooms. I’m sure having my first daughter has been a factor in this decision, but it has to come from somewhere right?!

While at High Point Market this week, I’ve finally decided to focus on children’s spaces- nurseries, bedrooms, homework and play spaces. These places are perfect to showcase creativity and to inspire them through good design. I believe our custom fabric collections will fit nicely into these spaces as well, they’re all about fun bright color!

What are some changes you have made in your life that have brought you clarity or focus? This can be in your own business, in life/love, on your blog… There’s always something you can change that seems small but had a bigger impact overall. I’d love to hear about it for some more inspiration!


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