New product launching in July

CMYfabriK Box- monthly craft subscription box

So if you follow us anywhere on social media you will see we have a new account that has popped up. This new account is for CMYfabriK Box, which is going to be a monthly subscription box that will feature a new custom fabric of ours each month. The idea is when somebody signs up for their first box, it will include a 1/2 yard of custom fabric along with a sewing kit (in case you’ve never sewn a day in your life but are eager to learn). The bag will be super cute of course, and will be made of one of our fabrics. Inside will contain a measuring tape, seam ripper, scissors, pins, sewing needles, thread and a pin cushion which will also be made of one of our awesome fabrics.

CMYfabriK's newest fabric designs
CMYfabriK’s newest fabric designs

Along with the fabric and sewing kit, will be a roll of washi tape and bakers twine. These two items will change every month so that by the end of the year you will have a pretty sweet collection of tape and twine. These are the things that get us excited about crafting, so why not collect some new ones while learning to sew and/or get better from your peer community?

#TriedItNailedIt sewing and craft community
#TriedItNailedIt sewing and craft community

Did someone say community?! Part of the subscription to CMYfabriK Box is access to the #TriedItNailedIt community on Facebook. This Facebook community was created with the intention of having a place you can go to, where you can chat all day and learn from other like-minded (awesome) people. We understand you can only talk about fabric and sewing so much with your significant other before they tune you out or walk away. This will be the spot to go to to ask any questions you may have about sewing techniques, or maybe you have a fun video to share, or just want to share something crafty that you made, this is the place to do it!

If you love sewing, want to learn more about it or know someone who has the same interests, please check out to see what it’s all about. Sign up with your email address to stay current on our updates and info we share about the July launch. We promise, it’ll be …

A Stitchin' Good Time with CMYfabriK Box!!

We want to know, is this something of interest? Would you subscribe or are there changes you’d like to see happen before you would? We’re all about connecting with our subscribers and those interested but needing more info. We don’t want to leave you confused so we make sure to touch base to see what is working and what isn’t. Leave some comment love below!!

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