Father’s Day gift ideas from Root City Market

Father's Day 2015

This past weekend we went to Root City Market in Atlanta. There were a lot of great vendors there, showing handcrafted items they’ve made. There was a great mix of handmade items, but some of our favorites were men’s items. Great ideas just in time for Father’s Day (or not since it’s a couple days away). BUT these artists are good to know for future reference for any gift needs that are inevitably down the road.


These vendors have a great appreciation for crafting items from rustic materials such as leather, metals, glass and wood. All very manly and rustic- each piece has it’s own interesting story of how it was made and the great potential for after it’s sold.

Oakleaf & Acorns- Atlanta

Oakleaf & Acorn: Select Findings for Men. This store has a wide range of items that the man in your life could use, great for the guy that appreciates “quality and craftmanship”  | Pocket Squares | Flasks | Bottle Openers |  Food  |  Knives  |  Etc

Our Salvaged Life- Atlanta

Our Salvaged Life: This shop has a great appreciation for salvaging wood and re-purposing it to make awesome signs and wall art. Perfect for anyone who appreciates “everyday rustic charm”  | Flat wood trays | Box trays |  Wall Art  |  Clip boards  |

Our Salvaged Life- Atlanta


Yoyo Ferro has pretty sweet hand drawn images that range from city locations to portraits to even clothing. Some of the art even had cute little origami animals stuck on them, such a cute and unexpected touch of personality.


The Block & Hammer shop has “the perfect gift for any dapper gent!”. I’ll say! There were so many great handmade pieces made of metal and wood, it really just depends what your style is and there was something for you.

The phrases stamped on the silverware were so witty, my favs were the “diet spoons”, check out their Etsy shop to see what I’m talking about | Tie Clips | Money Clips | Wedding Silverware |  Jewelry  |  Cuff Links  |  Etc

Block & Hammer- Atlanta


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