Want access to the private craft group?!

#TriedItNailedIt group on Facebook

If you’re a crafter, maker, quilter, sewist, lover of all things fabric & DIY- check out our #TriedItNailedIt group on Facebook. We created this group to have a spot to share our (and your) crafting wins with people who enjoy pretty things.

Being realistic, we understand not everyone can have 100% success in crafting 100% of the time, sometimes things don’t work out for us, but this is where the group is great too! Everyone is free to ask any questions they might have, like how to sew on a button or how to clean your hot glue gun. With the group continuously growing, there’s at least 1 other person that will be able to answer it for you. Everyone there is so friendly & helpful! So drop some knowledge on us, share completed projects (ANY kind of projects), find inspiration and make some awesome friends.

Stop by the #TriedItNailedIt group to see what it’s about, if you love it go ahead and add all your crafty friends. The more the merrier! If you have FOMO and don’t want to miss anything, jump on our list to stay IN THE KNOW! 

Let’s Get Craftin’!


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