How to paint your faux deer head

CMYfabriK Box- women's monthly fabric craft subscription box

If you subscribe to CMYfabriK Box, you will have received the project for December which is a faux taxidermy deer head. How fun! Below is a list of items used in this project if you want replacements or more of a certain item. The links below are affiliate links, if you click on one and purchase it, we get a portion back from Amazon. It helps us to keep the lights on in the ol’ CMYfabriK Box headquarters.

Plastic eyes¬†**We sent 10mm sized eyes to use for the nose. We’re including a link to bigger eyes in case you want to use them instead of felt circles.

As always, we include instructions on how to make the projects with sewing instructions and no sew instructions, depending on which box you choose. If you need to find the templates to cut your fabric pieces, visit here to download them. If you’re wanting to use the paint that was included in the box to add some color to your deer head, paint away! We added splatters of color to the antlers for visual interest… & mainly because we like splashing paint on everything!

There’s two ways to achieve this look, paint the antlers before you attach them to the head (allowing dry time in between) OR you can do it the hard way like we did and paint it after the antlers are attached. Here’s how we did it:

1. Find a surface that you can mess up and get paint on.

2. Tape off the areas you don’t want to get paint onto, in this case the nose, the ears, top of the head & cardboard box piece. (I just moved so I have tons of empty cardboard boxes just lying around but craft paper or newspaper works just as well)

CMYfabriK Box
Prepping to paint the No Sew version

3. Mix some of the paint provided in your box, with a couple tablespoons of water to thin it out. It’ll make it easier to splatter.

4. With the paintbrush that is included, put some paint on the end and splash away. Don’t be afraid to mess up, there really isn’t a “wrong way” to do this. It really just depends on how much paint you want to use/how much color you want to add.

CMYfabriK Box: December
Splash, splash, splash

5.To make the circle base that the head rests on, cut out a circle from your CMYfabriK Box using the circle template you downloaded (top or bottom of the box, it doesn’t matter). It’s easier to maneuver with an X-ACTO knife, but cutting with scissors works too.

6. Grab some contrasting fabric to cover the cut out circle with. We used our July “Floral Stripes” pattern since it had a lot of fun color and the blue matched the felt in the deer’s ears. You want there to be a 2″ overhang of fabric, this is what you will hot glue down.

7. Cut 3″ wide notches all around the fabric so that you can glue each piece down without there being a lot of bunched up fabric sections.


8. Starting at one side, slowly glue down section by section until you reach the end. Try not to pull the fabric too much, you might distort the pattern on the other side.

9. Once everything is glued down, grab the metal picture hanger and glue it down onto the back of the cardboard circle. The placement doesn’t matter with this fabric but if you choose a design that looks better a certain way, pay close attention to where you place your metal hanger.

This will be how you hang the deer head on the wall. Be generous with your glue, if it globs out around the hanger, that’s perfectly fine. It’ll help more with hanging strength.



10. Run several strips of hot glue down the back of your deer head to attach it to the front (fabric covered part) of the cardboard circle and you’re done!

CMYfabriK Box instructions



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