Blogging from “inside the Box”

Written by Rachel L. Ritter


It’s very hard running a blog for a business that is kind of like an umbrella for multiple businesses. Does that make sense to you? Have we lost you already? If you’ve followed us from the start, you’re definitely a trooper because you’ve seen the evolution of this blog from the get-go. If you’re not familiar, here’s a little graphic to get you up to speed if this is your first time hearing about us.

CMYfabriK is like the umbrella business for CMYfabriK Interior Design and CMYfabriK Box. The Interior Design branch was started in 2012 right before I graduated from design school. While I was living in North Carolina there was definitely a need for helping people to design their homes, and it was really great helping different types of families to be able to enjoy their homes fully. I love designing people’s homes for them, making their spaces significantly better for their whole family’s enjoyment.

While I focused strictly on Interior Design, the blog was a great space to share renderings I designed or inspirational drawings, any color palettes that caught my eye and even projects in progress. Then, slowly the blog went through a sort of transformation over the past couple of years. I had my first child, slowed down on working full time and became really inspired by nurseries and children’s rooms. I think all Mom’s do that for a while.
While there will always be a great love for Interior Design, right now it’s kind of on the back burner. The Interiors business is not closed completely, but it’s also not the primary business and we’re ok with that.

In 2015, with Jessica and I both having our bachelor’s in Design, it was finally the time to jump head first into our dream of working full time together on a business we both loved. Our subscription box business started because we wanted to find a better way to share the fabric designs that we create together- sharing the whole experience with you guys, getting the fabric straight to your door. The designs can be created digitally or by hand, but a lot of the time it’s a beautiful combination of the two.

We’re really excited for the growth we’ve experienced over the past couple of months, in subscriber numbers and the turn the blog is now facing. It’s been a crazy and fun ride seeing the best ways to work together, learning how to be bosses and figuring out the best way to present an accessible and enjoyable crafting experience for you. We’re always researching and digging for more info, and we love hearing what you think about your experience with CMYfabriK Box. Let us know in the comments below or leave a review on our Box site. We appreciate any and all feedback!


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