How to: save time on social media


We run two subscription box businesses, one is a fabric craft box and the other is a lifestyle box for women who play roller derby. It helps when there’s technology or sites out there that help to make us more productive and save time. is a great resource because it lets you set up recipes where it will look out for “triggers” that tell it do exactly what you need it to. Here’s about 1/3 of the recipes I have set up for CMYfabriK Box‘s social media profiles. I’m still working out the kinks but it’s been pretty great so far, especially for being a free site.

cmyfabrik box and

Right now I’m messing with it to tweet the pic below every time we go live on Periscope. The links that get tweeted automatically from Periscope expire in 24 hours so that doesn’t help anyone when they come across our tweet later on.

cmyfabrikbox on social media

I recently scoped about it and the process (and how I did it wrong). By having the image on this blog post, I’m hoping the image tweet will work correctly now. I’ll be doing another longer scope today to show what I’ve found (and hopefully it works). Follow us on Periscope to see more behind the scenes looks at the business(es), to learn more about what we do and who we partner with each month. We have profiles for CMYfabriK Box and one for Bout Betties because we love live video and being able to connect with followers and other brands.



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