Painted Wooden Utensils

If you received our October 2016 box, you will see that we included some fun acrylic paint and wooden utensils to go along with the casserole carrier you’re about to make. We can’t wait to see them! Here’s a quick & easy tutorial to make those wooden utensils as one of a kind as your casserole carrier!


You will need your wooden utensils, a paint brush, acrylic paint, painters or washi tape, a paper plate, some water, & a bowl or cup.
Tape off utensils in the area you’d like to paint. Apply a couple coats to achieve desired look. Sit inside an empty bowl or heavy cup so that they dry without touching.
Either use a small paint brush or cotton swab to paint inside the hole. If you use a cotton swab, you may have some fibers come off with the paint, you can always pick them off before it dries. 
If you have various colors, you can paint in color blocks. Or if you have white, you can add white to your original color and create an ombre effect.
Allow to dry well before handling utensils, you can seal with mod podge or leave as is, just remember they will have to be hand washed. Enjoy!

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